Large & Complex Business Transformation Experts

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We provide specialty professional project management, strategic management consulting and transformational organizational leadership capability building services to leading organizations.

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Who we are

We are a Toronto-based boutique Management Consulting firm with deep expertise in the advisory, design, assurance, control, resourcing and management of large/complex Organizational Transformations and high-impact Strategic Enterprise Change — Portfolios, Programs, Projects and PMOs.

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What we do

We design and implement pragmatic, proven, custom, fit-for-purpose management practices to increase your organizational effectiveness. We provide deep mentorship to your executives and functional/project managers to increase their competence; and implement assurance practices to reduce the risk of failure of your most challenging initiatives. We enable organizational maturity through best-in-class management practices and capability improvement engagements.

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Our Experience

We have a track record of over 25 years of global, well-rounded, senior management and executive advisory and mentorship experience; centered around strategic management consulting, complex enterprise transformations, change management, large scale program & project management and enterprise project management office establishment and effectiveness improvement.

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Our Value

We specialize in complex Business Transformation and Enterprise Change initiatives. We have extensive experience in helping executives with their complex organizational initiatives — and help the big problem "just go away", in both a seamless, sustainable and cost-effective fashion.

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Our Track Record

We have advised for, provided assurance to or managed several large business and technology initiatives ranging from $75MM to $250MM in budget; and capital projects of up to $4,000MM. We are trusted advisors to and have worked alongside Executive and Senior Vice Presidents of global enterprises up to 20,000 employees with $30 Billion of market capitalization and $4.5 Billion in yearly revenue in 13 countries. We understand large and complex business challenges.

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Your Benefit

We have the real-world, pragmatic judgment, expertise and experience to simplify the complexity of your most challenging and complex initiatives. We are practical, cost-effective, agile and people-centric.

Contact us today. We will be delighted to show you how we do this while leverage your existing capabilities and strengths.

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We are experts in the design, assurance and management of large and complex enterprise transformations.

We are pragmatic, fast and cost-effective.

Through our people-centric
End-to-End Solutions we drive strategic organizational change and enable sustainable capability and effectiveness improvement for lasting change.

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We distill your complex challenges into simple, pragmatic and elegant solutions.

Discover our Core Domains of Deep Expertise:

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Explore the practice area which most directly relates to your most-pressing current needs.

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