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Strategic and Organizational Transformation Experts

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We help you design and implement the right, fit-for-purpose solution for your large and complex business problems.

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Supporting businesses worldwide achieve their strategic goals

  • Providing management expertise to help you succeed
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    High-End Strategic Experts

    We are a high-end Management Consulting firm with deep expertise in the design, assurance, control and management of Large and Complex Enterprise Transformations — Portfolios, Programs, Projects and PMOs.

    Our Management Consulting solutions are enriched with high end management expertise to help businesses succeed, entitling the management of people, process and technology needs.
  • Big Picture Perspective
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    Realize your future state

    With increasing complexity and volatility in the business world, there is growing pressure on those that are accountable for making the big picture decisions for an enterprise.

    In the face of ever-changing business environment, through this service we provide support to executive management for strategic decision making to help improve and revitalize their businesses. We help businesses create a desired future and move towards it by building enablers of strategic success.

    The intent is to provide a strong back bone for your enterprise to enable it’s long term success, and help it move forward with continued support.
  • Resolve Mission-Critical Problems
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    Peace in the middle of the storm.

    To truly make big problems go away, we recognize, understand and resolve the core needs of the business, and guide organizations on the path of growth, development, evolution and overall success. We help you make difficult decisions, and equip you to tackle the curveballs that will come your way. We’re with you at every step along the way.
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Addressing big business problems

  • Understanding your biggest business problems
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    Addressing root-causes not surface-level problems.

    We dig deep into tough and sensitive situations to recognize and understand your business’ chronic and pressing pain points.

    We dig beneath the surface and gain clarity of true underlying needs, then dedicating ourselves to de-root the problem from its very source.
  • Geared towards strategic business priorities
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    Strategic Priorities Come First

    We maintain focus on strategic priorities of the business, and enable executive management to meet organizational goals and objectives by building the right capabilities and enabling effective decision making in the organization.
  • Massively consequential risk, mitigated
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    Drastically reduce the probability of failure

    Functional and non functional on-going problems are highly complex by their very nature, and this complexity carries extremely high risk with it.

    We have the benefit of foresight and experience that allows us to help decision makers recognize and mitigate costly mistakes.

    Our management expertise thereby helps reduce massive risk of failure by offering support to executive management through their on-going problems.
  • Optimization of business practices
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    Increasing Business Effectiveness

    As prime decisions makers of the business, executives are faced with countless number of very consequential decision points.

    We understand the accountability of profit and loss for businesses and offer assurance by enabling strong returns through efficient decision making.

    This leads to higher profitability and lower costs to the business as clients have an enhanced ability to generate profit and minimize cost or loss. The overall financial health of the business is improved.
  • Enabling strong returns for decisions makers
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    Unbiased Independent Perspectives

    We provide impartial assessment of your current business practices and the risk they carry. Additionally, we optimize such practices into streamlined business efforts, leading to significantly increased business effectiveness.
  • Providing access to high quality expertise amidst a lack of it
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    True Experts vs. Commodity Professionals

    Clients gain access to deep management expertise to deal with arising problems at every step. Our deep wealth of experience in management offers further assurance of business success.
  • Removing Roadblocks
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    Accelerate Success

    We help identify barriers hindering the organization from moving forward towards strategic business goals. Removing whats in the way drastically accelerates the business’ ability to progress and advance towards strategic priorities.
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How we add value

  • Providing an organizational perspective
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    General Management

    Addressing day-to-day issues is a common trap that businesses face, often losing sight of the entire organizational reality, and missing the interrelatedness of elements within.

    Our management consulting services help clients gain that organizational perspective and offer solutions that keep sight of all critical aspects of the entire business, as opposed to just serving one of them in isolation.
  • Significantly improved organizational health
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    Management Expertise

    General and functional management expertise helps resolve sensitive, risky, difficult business problems in a methodical and systematic manner. We minimize the pain from chronic or pressing problems leading to improved overall business health.
  • Efficient executive level decision making
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    Strategic thinking

    We exercise our expert insight and judgement to offer strong support to executives for strategic decision making. We understand strategic problems in connection with business issues and needs, and offer decision making and judgement support in light of that.
  • Unbiased & fresh external perspective
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    Logical objectivity & Independence

    We provide an experienced unbiased eye that is in our client’s best interest. Additionally, our opinions and recommendations have a logical and objective outlook.

    We function in the capacity that allows us to conduct the assignments in a fair and independent and manner. Clients benefit massively from this external perspective as it is away from all internal biases that may exist.
  • Furthering our client’s success
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    Expanded organizational capabilities

    We continually strive to transfer our knowledge, ability, expertise and practical experience to our clients. We capitalize on their current capabilities and drastically enhance its scope, enabling them pursue and seize opportunities that may be otherwise missed. The pathway to success is made simpler and client’s can advance their progress at an accelerated pace.
  • Effective Management of issues
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    Issues identification, resolution and tracking

    Unresolved issues can be catastrophic for the business in the long run. To avoid that problem, we proactively investigate for issues and resolve them effectively along the way, thereby reducing any pain or risk they would have otherwise inflicted.
  • Solutions with benefits that stick
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    Ongoing problems require sustainable solutions. We aim to serve clients over the long haul with our work. Sustainability of practices as well as benefits helps sustain performance and has a long lasting impact that will stand strong through time.
  • Fit-for-purpose solutions
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    Custom-Tailored solutions

    We design and implement custom made, fit-for-purpose solutions for your business’ needs related to people, process and/or technology management. The intent of our solution is to help you to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Appropriateness of work
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    Maturity Sensitive

    Sensitivity to maturity based on the recipient’s overall readiness is a critical and ongoing consideration during design, implementation and operationalization of practices. Content, timing and pace is made appropriate.
  • Providing assurance for success
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    Enterprise Governance

    We offer governance to provide overarching assurance that the design, implementation and operationalization of practices meet the intended obligation. We provide assurance mechanisms to ensure the expected outcomes are effectively realized.
  • Ease of Use
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    Complexity Simplified

    We have unparalleled commitment to simplifying complex work, making it painstakingly simple for clients to work with what we offer. We boil things down to their simplest form and provide easily assimilable and straightforward outcomes.
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We are experts in the design, assurance and management of large and complex enterprise transformations.

We are pragmatic, fast and cost-effective.

Through our people-centric
End-to-End Solutions we drive strategic organizational change and enable sustainable capability and effectiveness improvement for lasting change.

Click on the service offering above which most-closely aligns with your current needs.

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We distill your complex challenges into simple, pragmatic and elegant solutions.

Discover our Core Domains of Deep Expertise:

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Explore the practice area which most directly relates to your most-pressing current needs.

What sets us apart?

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Significant Depth and Breadth of Experience

We have 25+ years of global, well-rounded, senior management and executive advisory experience; centered around strategic management consulting, complex enterprise transformations, change management, large scale program & project management and enterprise project management office establishment, effectiveness and capability improvement.
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Deep Expertise

Decades of multi-industry and multi-disciplinary experience allows us to bring broad perspective and expert judgement which is of direct benefit to our clients.

Industry insight allows for leverage-able experiential knowledge that is applicable to our client’s business problems. We have tackled similar problems before and know what works and what doesn’t. We strive to keep our client’s informed and work in their best interest.
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Integrated solutions to serve the business

The ability to think vertically and horizontally about the organization, and provide wholistic, integrated solutions based on the entire picture adds massive value. We translate deep insights into best solutions for your needs, geared towards strategic business goals. We keep in mind what is important to the business bottom line and create enablers that add value to it.
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We solve a wide variety of business problems

We operate from a mature point of view and understand the depth, breadth, criticality and sensitivity of our client’s biggest business problems. We are devoted to do what is in their best interest and set them up for long term success.
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Within the realms of feasibility

We offer the best solutions for your project needs, within the realms of feasibility.
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Excellence is the baseline

The firm’s reputation and commitment to excellence guarantees top quality of outcomes as well as service and experience for our clients. We will always be on hand to show you the better way.
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We design the right solution for the right problem - not through sound-bite insights, but through disciplined time and effort focused on developing and refining what works for you.

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Our professionals are well versed with the common elements of effective solutions and, accordingly, tailor their solutions to your organization's specific and unique needs.