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  • Integrity First
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    Deep Character

    You are a person of deep character and integrity.

    You behave have developed this during most of your life and feel very comfortable in the person that you are today.
  • Trust is Earned
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    Consistent Behaviours

    You understand that trust is earned and that it takes more than intentions to earn and keep trust.

    You understand and believe in behaving in a way that is aligned with your deepest values.

    You behave in a consistent manner and your colleagues and clients know what they can expect from you.
  • Growth Orientation
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    Always evolving

    You are a growth-oriented person. You welcome and value feedback. You do not fear mistakes and you appreciate learning from your mistakes.

    You have a healthy view of yourself and understand that the more challenging a situation, the more opportunity for growth there is.
  • Effectiveness is Paramount
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    Results Orientation

    You understand that at the end-of-the-day, results matter, and they are the metric of success.

    You are effective. You do not like to waste time. You are action oriented. You want to get things done and you will work hard to ensure that your commitments are realized in a way that meet expectations.
  • Excellence. Nothing Less.
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    Mastery in Practice

    You take the Master's journey. You strive for excellence and are not satisfied with anything less. You believe in giving your best to your commitments and your standard for quality is always above others.

    You are not afraid of challenges and believe that "it must be done right" the first time.
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