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We provide specialty end-to-end project, program and portfolio management solutions for large and complex initiatives and PMOs. We are skilled at helping make your most difficult business challenges go away, in a cost-effective fashion.

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Our take on project management's pervasive problems in most organizations

  • Over-complicating to impress
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    We simplify. Our expert judgment enables us to implement only what works.

    With increasing complexities of initiatives, the conventional fundamentals of Project Management are no longer sufficient for project success. Therefore, we take time-tested best practices and add the expert lens to it. We do not over-complicate what is already hard and difficult. We simplify.

    In addition to strong techniques, methods, processes and tools, our project management solutions are enriched with expert judgement, an element particularly essential for big and complex initiatives.

    We do not over-complicate. Our vantage point of accurate judgement, born out of extensive experience and expertise, provides for higher quality decisions to be made throughout the initiative lifecycle, allowing for better project outcomes and an increased ability for the organization to successfully carry out the initiative.
  • Getting lost in the details
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    Robust on-the-ground practices while keeping the big-picture at all times.

    We satisfy project needs in a way that actually makes a difference in the bigger picture of the business.

    Decidedly guided by proven general management principles, our multi-disciplinary perspective allows for consideration and involvement of all critical aspects during the initiative, all the while keeping focus of the bigger picture.

    We do this while ensuring robust and pragmatic practices at the ground-level are integrated with the big-picture.
  • Seeing everything as a problem
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    For a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    We appreciate the complexity and depth of our client’s problems, and devote ourselves to design and implement solutions to address them in a direct and concrete manner.

    We recognize and adopt the best, most feasible and least painful way to help you reach the end destination.

    We avoid the costly mistake of trying to solve everything with a disproportionate "best practice" and instead design and implement what is pragmatically most appropriate and feasible for the circumstances at hand.
  • Excessively high failure rate
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    Get the job done right, the very first time.

    Amid its shortage in the project management world, our seasoned professionals are experts in tackling large and complex problems.

    Highly competent and effective professionals deliver top quality outcomes and drastically increase he likelihood of project success.

    Additionally, our plethora of fit-for-purpose tools, systems, techniques and practices are made available to meet project requirements of any complexity.
  • Reinventing the Wheel
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    We are committed to eliminating inefficiencies

    We recognize the inefficiencies and redundancies of reinventing the wheel. Therefore, instead of replacing existing practices, we optimize and leverage them during projects. We focus on what is actually required and valuable for our clients.

    Additionally, active employment of highly efficient working methods ensure that all efforts towards the initiative are streamlined.

    We resolve complex problems in a faster period of time, using lesser resources. Our clients benefit from the efficiencies as it results in optimized use of resources, saving them major effort, time, pain and money.
  • Compromised quality and impact
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    Delivering excellence, beyond outcome achievement

    We are devoted to delivering nothing short of excellence through our work.

    In the management of initiatives we are very active in making the big problem go away in a rather direct and concrete manner.

    In addition to achievement of initiative outcomes, our engagements are deliberately designed to set up the individual and organization for success. The positive impact on both is massive.

    Along with outcome achievement, we focus on building capability and competence, enabling clients to take on bigger challenges in the future.

    The ripple effect of this deliberate design is felt all the way by the ultimate end client served by the organization.
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Benefits that our clients value

  • We focus on what matters
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    Superb clear thinking

    We recognize what provides most value to our clients and focus on delivering that.

    We do not boil the ocean, instead look to satisfy the real requirements of the initiative and the organization.

    The well being of the initiative and the organization is drastically improved by tackling the right things.
  • Accomplish more than just the immediate objectives
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    Value beyond delivery

    Judgement based project management allows for value that surpasses far beyond just the achievement of the program objectives.

    The overall assurance and success rate in the execution of projects is drastically higher.

    Objective feedback is provided on the health of the initiative to assure progress at all times.
  • Maturity evolution of organizational capabilities
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    Building your organizational capability

    Additionally, significant value is reflected in the maturity of capabilities of the areas we work with.

    By virtue of working with expert professionals, tremendous amount of knowledge and competence is transmitted as well as built, enabling our clients to focus on big problems in the long run. We operate from a mature point of view, and transfer the same capability to our clients.

    Along with outcome achievement, we focus on building capability and competence, enabling clients to take on bigger challenges in the future.

    The ripple effect of this deliberate design is felt all the way by the ultimate end client served by the organization.
  • Tackling Hidden Roadblocks
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    Risk-based design and delivery

    Hidden roadblocks that can potentially undermine the initiative and the organization are identified and extracted in a deliberate, methodical and careful manner. We mitigate the big risks that are posed along the way.
  • Increased satisfaction and quality of experience
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    Reliability and Peace of Mind

    Reliable experts make it easy for our clients to have peace of mind, even in the most difficult of project circumstances. The quality of experience is much better for all parties involved.
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What sets us apart

  • Expert perspective & judgement
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    World-Class Expertise

    Expert judgment, driven by our multi-industry and multi-disciplinary experience, allows for us to translate our deep insights into best solutions for our clients.

    We see the same problem from a wide spectrum of different angels, and are able to recognize what is most important.

    To tackle increasingly critical and interdisciplinary project problems, we bring breadth, depth and rigour in our thinking as well as in our practices.

    Our clients are able to benefit massively from our trusted advisor philosophy as they get direct access to our intellectual property and expertise.
  • Authentic Trusted Advisors
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    Professionalism at its best

    In addition to the skills, knowledge and overall project management capability to make your big needs go away, our project managers have industry-wide reputation for maintaining the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.

    Our professionalism is reflected in our work as we bring integrity, self-discipline, objectivity and independence, and are devoted to make the best decisions in our client’s interest.
  • The Boutique Experience
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    Building your organizational capability

    Values embedded in our culture drive our client’s experience of working with us. Strong culture and values are deeply embedded in all our professionals, which they put into practice every single day.

    We believe in dignified co-creation and put a premium on long term relationships. We devote ourselves to serve arising project and client needs and aim to make day-to-day easier for our clients. Being boutique drastically increases the quality of experience as well as the quality of outcomes for all our clients.

    Along with outcome achievement, we focus on building capability and competence, enabling clients to take on bigger challenges in the future. The ripple effect of this deliberate design is felt all the way by the ultimate end client served by the organization.
  • Capability Augmentation
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    Uncompromising Talent

    We have high-quality controls and reliable filters when finding suitable resources for our clients.

    Our judgement to recognize what works drastically enhances the assurance of identifying most appropriate resources and finding the right fit for your needs.

    We ensure that all our professionals deliver maximum value.
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We are experts in the design, assurance and management of large and complex enterprise transformations.

We are pragmatic, fast and cost-effective.

Through our people-centric
End-to-End Solutions we drive strategic organizational change and enable sustainable capability and effectiveness improvement for lasting change.

Click on the service offering above which most-closely aligns with your current needs.

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We distill your complex challenges into simple, pragmatic and elegant solutions.

Discover our Core Domains of Deep Expertise:

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Explore the practice area which most directly relates to your most-pressing current needs.

How our solutions can help

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Tailored Solutions

We design and implement custom-made solutions that are most fitting for the initiative’s unique needs. They are suitable for the problem at hand, as opposed to off-the-shelf.
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Truly Effective

We provide effective design, implementation and operationalization of practices to facilitate the attainment of required objectives and mandate: on time, at the quality and scope expected and within the expected cost.
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By Design

Transparency of both design and implementation provides for a greater ability for the initiative and organization to make the best decision in the long run with no surprises. It is reliable.
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Within the realms of feasibility

We offer the best solutions for your project needs, within the realms of feasibility. Pragmatism is a core value of ours, and we go to great lengths to ensure that all solutions are feasible to achieve, as opposed to just looking good on paper.
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Sustainable by design

A significant feature is the sustainment of practices and solutions from the get go. Our work is designed to offer long term benefits and have impact that sticks.
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General Management Approach

Our decidedly general management approach helps us keep overall perspective and serve all needs pertaining to people, process and technology. We work hard to ensure all parts fit together in the details as well as the big-picture.
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We are Trusted Advisors with deep management expertise.
We help you succeed in your most challenging, large and complex business initiatives.

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