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Individualized Leadership Development Programs

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We increase the effectiveness of your team through
pragmatic, deep, timely and circumstantial leadership development and capability building programs.

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Key elements of our end-to-end leadership development solution

  • Advisory
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    Experienced Experts on your side.

    We provide guidance and recommendations from an expert standpoint on issues pertaining to leadership development. It includes deep insights and pragmatic recommendations geared towards navigating challenges, addressing any gaps that exist, and setting the individual up for overall success.
  • Design
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    Immersive Development

    We design an immersive experience for participants to develop the desired capability and capacity, and help them reach their future state. Our design solutions serve realistic needs of the individual in a way that is sustainable. They are truly pragmatic, with applicability to real-time and real-world situations for the recipient.

    All elements of the design solution are structured and put together in a purposeful and orderly manner to produce the intended and required results. Elements of the system behave as an integral whole — feeding off and supporting each other — as opposed to a simple collection of elements. Our leadership development design solution is systematic, methodical and disciplined.

    The intent is to provide a strong back bone for your enterprise to enable it’s long term success, and help it move forward with continued support.
  • Mentorship
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    Truly in-depth development

    Mentorship pertaining to leadership development enables people to rise to the challenges of today’s fast paced and volatile environment. It provides deep focus on shaping and advancing individuals in an overall, comprehensive and wholesome manner.

    We work with you to fill any gaps in leadership capabilities and mitigate any inefficient patterns that block you from being great leaders. Through deep and circumstantial mentorship, we empower individuals and enable them to lead with authenticity and integrity. Individuals walk away with drastically enhanced overall abilities to tackle the toughest of challenges.
  • Assurance
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    Significantly increase your changes of success.

    This is the design, development and implementation of practices that drastically increase the probability and sustainability of leadership development. Assurance provides and engrains practices that elevate maturity in the organization and creates supportive mechanisms that foster the development of people.

    We simplify the complex problem of sustainable development and break it into few easy-to-use assurance mechanisms that help sustain the individual’s progress. Assurance drastically mitigates the risks posed to development and sustainment of true leadership.
  • Delivery
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    A carefully developed solution

    We put our leadership development solutions into action and create customized experiences for leaders to develop and rise. Delivery is enriched with our nuanced understanding of this complex subject matter, and it is carried out with utmost care.

    The overall readiness of the recipient is a critical ongoing consideration during implementation of solution. The content, pace and timing is made appropriate and tailored to each individual’s needs.

    Major value is reflected in the simplification of process execution, making content easily assimilable for the recipient. The entire arsenal of content is broken down into segments and executed in a systematic, methodical and disciplined manner.
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We increase the leadership and change capability of your team, leading to sustainable positive impact

  • Augmenting Potential
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    Realizing true potential

    We help liberate high quality leadership potential in individuals, enabling them to function at an extremely high performance level. We help individuals figure out how to tap their inner power by creating conditions that make the potential more tangible, drastically increasing their overall abilities to be successful in the face of all circumstances.
  • Bridging competency gaps
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    Sustainable Competence Development

    We help individuals master macro domains of competencies that fit together to create a wholesome comprehensive view and develop an individual overall. We gain clarity on development needs, and work towards them to bridge the gaps.

    The pace and extent of integration is tailored as this practice is customised as per each individual’s needs. Deep integration of required competencies becomes a massive asset for individuals through time.
  • Overall increased effectiveness
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    It is personal.

    Our developmental engagement leads to higher effectiveness in all roles played by the individuals - in life, work, teams, organization. It drastically raises ones ability to progress in professional and personal lives.
  • Significantly increased efficiency
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    Tangible Results

    We have earned the reputation of excellence in helping stakeholders transcend above barriers to peak performance.

    We build the required muscles for them to be high functioning, high performing individuals, increasing their overall efficiency significantly.
  • Increased capacity to change
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    Transcending Limitations

    Guided by the principles of continual improvement, we help individuals rise and transcend to a higher quality of leadership.

    We create pressure for change and minimize resistance towards it, to increase overall capacity of an individual to develop.
  • Sustainability of the outcome
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    Life-long empowerment

    We build empowerment and enablement that lasts a life time.
  • Exponential growth
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    Massive Multiplier Effect

    The results over time are massive. Individuals are looking at enormous potential rewards in the long run.
  • Effective decision making ability
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    Pragmatic, real-world application

    Overall development enables individuals to gain a wider and broader outlook. This perspectives allows them to recognize subtle connectivities and interdependencies.

    They are more able to see patterns as well as have an accurate perception, drastically enhancing the ability to make effective decisions accordingly.
  • Simple is effective
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    Uncover the painfully obvious

    We value what is simple and always aim to distill that simplicity in our engagements. We break down complex concepts into simplified and easily assimilable segments, making it easy to understand for the recipient. Simplification adds massive value and makes the process much faster and easier for the audience.
  • Minimizing change resistance
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    Facilitated Change

    We invest time and effort to identify, understand and remove resistance to change from all sources. We pay attention to it, acknowledge it, call it out and address it head on. Removal of resistance sources allows recipients to derive maximum value from the engagement.
  • Strengths based development
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    Strengths First

    We individualize developmental efforts to uplift and maximize each person’s unique strengths, allowing them to operate from a place of solidity and authenticity. We invest time to uncover the full arsenal as well as the top strengths of each individual.

    By helping individuals gain an in-depth understanding of their core strengths, they are much more able to apply them in focused opportunities and capitalize on them. Our approach is decidedly and firmly rooted in amplifying each individual’s strengths.
  • Real-world applicability
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    Practical and Pragmatic

    Our leadership development approach is not theoretical. It applies to your reality.
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Critical Features - Focusing on tailored and practical capability building to enable visible results.

  • Tailored Mentorship Practices
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    Adaptive Approach

    This personalized experience is custom-made and individualized for each person’s most salient needs. Additionally, tailored mentorship practices allow stakeholders to build and capitalize on their unique leadership talents. The approach is adaptive, as opposed to theoretical or linear.
  • Creating the safe space for growth
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    A private safe-harbour

    For each individual, we create a safe space in which they can be their true selves.

    This allows them to explore their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the enablers and barriers towards their development.

    This tailor made capacity allows individuals to grow and develop at a much faster pace.
  • Removing Roadblocks
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    Growth is assured

    We help individuals identify the biggest barriers hindering their development, and work towards removing them in a systematic manner.

    This significantly accelerates their progress and saves the individual massive amount of time, effort and pain.
  • Blindspots identification and mitigation
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    Avoiding the not-so-obvious

    We ensure that all blind spots as a leader are addressed in a careful and deliberate manner, reducing risks that could otherwise arise rooting from the lack in personnel capability.

    We do so in a compassionate and empathetic manner.
  • Bridge gaps in leadership capabilities
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    A new level of perspective

    We mitigate areas of gap in individual capabilities to maximize the development and altitude of the individual
  • Painstakingly simple
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    So simple that it's obvious

    We have boiled down this complex design to its simplest form, making it easily assimilable, straightforward and painstakingly simple.

    Massive value lies in the simplification of process execution of this design.
  • Growth focused approach
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    Real Effectiveness

    We do not believe in heroics to impress. Instead, we believe in attaining true growth, which may take long and look unimpressive on the outside, but its true value lies in its sustainment and effectiveness.
  • Dare we say, fun!
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    An invigorating Experience

    We have designed this developmental experience to be a fun one. it is the antithesis of theoretical and professorial and academic.

    It's a fun process. It's not uptight.
  • Non-intrusive by design
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    Sensitive Interventions

    We understand the delicate nature of such an engagement and deal with utmost care. We keep the onus of behaving a way that is sensitive, compassionate and non intrusive. We respect and honour the roles, accountabilities and boundaries of all parties involved.
  • Supportive style uplifting leadership
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    The care and support that is needed

    We foster, create and build what the recipient necessitates. Supportive style uplifting leadership permeates throughout the process as we push and move the recipients forward towards their desired future. We are devoted to empower you in a sustainable manner.
  • Experiential Learning
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    Not-at-all theoretical

    We create circumstances for individuals to exercise lessons learned so they can be integrated in a deep and intense manner. Individuals get to put newly acquired skills into practice and hit the ground running allowing them to learn by doing and by reflecting on it.
  • Circumstantial actionable feedback
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    Real-time and specific feedback

    Based on our expert judgement, we provide relevant feedback tailored to the individual’s reality. We translate circumstantial realities into learning opportunities, allowing the person to truly integrate the lessons learned.

    Additionally, we will always be on-hand to show you the better way. Clients benefit from timely actionable feedback as it helps avoid big mistakes and recover from big blunders, saving them a lot of effort, time and pain.
  • Front-loading to build momentum
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    Momentum is the strategy

    The approach is designed to be heavy upfront, allowing individuals more runway to practice underneath our wing and guidance.

    We are able to track progress and reinforce necessary learnings for deeper integration.
  • Customized, fit-for-purpose solutions
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    Not an out-of-the-shelf solution

    We design and implement a structured, systematic and methodical approach that is tailor made for the individual’s most salient needs and based on their specific situation.

    We provide the right solution for the right problem. We do not take a “one size fits all” approach to developing people.
  • Subtly, increase desire
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    Self-driven desire to grow

    We take the time and effort to understand people and what is really important to them.

    By virtue of decidedly people-centric principles, our ability to connect with people is very high. We believe in maintaining a human-to-human view, always.
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We are experts in the design, assurance and management of large and complex enterprise transformations.

We are pragmatic, fast and cost-effective.

Through our people-centric
End-to-End Solutions we drive strategic organizational change and enable sustainable capability and effectiveness improvement for lasting change.

Click on the service offering above which most-closely aligns with your current needs.

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Our take on true leadership development

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Unlocking Real Potential

Our leadership development engagement helps leaders at all levels recognize and capitalize on their underlying potential, enabling them to reach individual and organizational goals in an accelerated and assured manner. We help leaders create a desired future for themselves and work towards it, by design. We believe that great leadership can be developed, and we facilitate the end-to-end process of that development in a careful manner.
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True, Proven, Personal Mastery

Guided by the core principles of personal-mastery, we help individuals step up to their true leadership capabilities through a journey of self-exploration, discovery, introspection and reflection. Through this personalized transformation experience, individuals are able to function at an intersection of their most authentic and best selves. Personal mastery is not just the essence of, but encapsulates the concept of true leadership development.
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We help create leaders that meaningfully impact the world.

We understand the nuanced complex nature of true leadership and are experts in enabling potential leaders to rise above the challenges that come with it. We are trusted enablers in the planning, design, change, assurance & management of end-to-end true Leadership Development.
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Our approach is decidedly people-centric

Our approach is decidedly people-centric with primary focus on behavioural patterns, which is supported by appropriate process and technology advancements.

We have the ability to carefully facilitate the infusion process of the required competencies and behaviours in the current, emerging and potential leaders, and ensure that the right mechanisms for control are in place to support their development.
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Always pragmatic, never theoretical

Our implementations are never theoretical, instead always circumstantial, adaptive and pragmatic; and entail a rare combination of state-of-the-art practices along with mentorship that is both deep and circumstantial in nature.

It is a comprehensive solution with elements of therapy, mentorship, guidance, training and management, at all times dealing with humans like humans as humans.

We distill your complex challenges into simple, pragmatic and elegant solutions.

Discover our Core Domains of Deep Expertise:

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Explore the practice area which most directly relates to your most-pressing current needs.